Into the Woods

Into the woods I go,
Feeling down and low,
But nature gave a show,
Wondrous things I saw.

The sun is up and cheerful.
Kisses of air is cool.
Trees give shade in full,
Flowers play colors in pool.

Into the woods I feel,
No sorrow, evil, or ill,
Lovely thoughts and will,
Soar my heart for real.

So when I’m sad and down,
I don’t visit the town.
I go to the woods and ground,
Nature’s joy I have found.

My husband and I decided to make an on the spot visit to the mountains just to get some fresh air. Thus, the inspiration for the poem above. The sweltering heat is too much for several days now and feeling the cool air with the quiet surrounding is a joyful reprieve. I would like to share some of the pictures I captured.

I asked my husband to capture a photo with the beautiful trees as backdrop. It is refreshing.
We came across this lovely little stream.
No people. Just trees, grasses, and all of nature.
I saw these wild flowers growing along the creek and could not help taking a photo.
I enjoy looking at small flowers peeking through the greens.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

23 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. Now this is a poem I can relate to sister. Often I seek the woods an hills near my home to get closer with Father God, He is always there! Beautiful pictures by your husband as well Deborah. God bless you both.

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  2. Your poem makes my heart sing with such joy of the wonder of quiet solitude in nature. It is so beautiful to connect with the joy of your beautiful heart that finds beauty enlivened in tiny flowers, small creeks and silent pathways lined with trees and such 💛✨

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