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What is Life?

What is life?
That we toil and struggle
For things we worry and bother.
But not for things that matter.

What is life?
We aspire for higher dreams.
Greater plans and whims.
But forget life’s not just to win.

What is life?
In the peak of youth and strength.
To do things at great length.
But life’s isn’t meaningfully spent.

What is life?
With fame and power at hand.
To live your joys with all you can.
But in the end you have no friend.

What is life?
To gain all that you want.
Riches and ambitions you hunt.
But peace is none or stunt.

What is life?
To reach the highest goal,
Victory won, trophies on wall.
At deathbed they’re nothing at all.

What is life?
But a grace of God to live.
Like a mist, a breath, short-lived.
To live for God is life well lived!

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

18 thoughts on “What is Life?

      1. Tutal ang mismong pangalan ng Diyos ay nangangahulugang “Kanyang pinangyayari” o “Siya ang isa na nagpapangyari” ng mga bagay bagay at tiyak na hindi Siyang nagpapangyari ng mga bagay bagay kung walang layunin. Ang Dakilang Tagapagtayo ay gaya ng lahat ng tagapagtayo: wala sinuman ang nagtatayo nang walang layunin


  1. For a long time I use to think that I knew how to live my life. I thought I was living life. But it wasn’t until the Lord Jesus showed me that I was only existing. Talk about a shock to me. And so I had to ask, Lord how am I to live this life. He then began to do a work on the inside of my heart and that is when I saw that I was not living.

    To be in this world and not have a personal relationship with Jesus is not living at all. That is why this has become my slogan in life.

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    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Such a blessed life to be able to realize that Jesus is the only way to fullness of life.

      Jesus also led me to a point in my life when I told Him, “Help me Lord, I need you.” And from then on, I have experienced security, peace, and love.

      May many more come to know Jesus. 💜🙏


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