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Jesus is Alive

Pinned and scorned on the cross,
Sun greatly shadowed to darkness,
Earth moved and trembled at its loss,
The Temple’s curtain torn in grimness.

Three days He slept on the tomb,
His friends strickened with grief.
His disciples scattered in gloom.
They all mourned in quiet disbelief!

After three days, Mary Magdalene came,
In the darkness of the morning that day,
To look for the Savior who was slain!
But no! In that grave He did not stay!

The news came out like a ringing bell.
Roman guards were quite confounded.
“Is it true?” But they could hardly tell!
“Where is Jesus?” They were astounded!

“How could the stone be rolled away?”
All asked in excitement and bewilderment.
But Mary heard His voice and ran to say!
“I have seen the Lord!” in her amazement!

To Emmaus, two sad friends walking,
Cleopas and his friend, sadly discussed!
Suddenly a man joined in their talking.
He broke bread and they knew it’s Jesus!

They said, “The Lord has really risen!”
All His disciples listened with great intent.
Jesus appeared, “Don’t be frightened!”
“There’s forgiveness of sins for all who repent!”

But Thomas said, “I won’t believe!”,
“Unless I see Him with my own eyes”,
His faith falters, He surely can’t live,
Let me see His hands and touch His side!

Eight days later while doors were locked,
With them was Thomas still believing He’s dead.
Jesus suddenly appeared without a knock!
Looked at them; “Peace be with you”, He said.

Jesus called Thomas so His doubts be cast aside,
“Come and look at my hands,” Jesus claimed.
“Put your hand into the wound in my side.”
“My Lord and my God,” Thomas exclaimed.

Yes, it is true the Lord has risen! He lives.
He talks and walks to whoever believes.
He meets with you in every walk you lead.
No doubts can linger; His grace He gives!

Jesus is alive; death could not hold Him.
The grave is empty! Yes, He is alive!
Sin is deafeated and heavens rejoice!
Jesus is victory, hope, freedom, and life!

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

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