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Gift of Friendship

A wonderful surprise from a friend and colleague. Just the other night when the rain was pattering on the roof and I felt the cold wind rushing through our open windows, I had a lovely surpise that brought warmth to my heart. I could not remember when someone made a poem for me. But this friend, who was my former colleague, remembered me and made quite a beautiful poem for me. I want to share it with you. Not only is he gifted with words and lyrical lines, but his poem and his friendship are great gifts to me. I thank God for these precious gifts. God alone blesses us with people who stay friends with us and who can just pop up any time to bring smile to our face.

My friend’s name is Vicdel and here is his lovely poem. It is actually very meaningful. He did not put a title to it so I wrote its title as “A Friend in You”.

A Friend in You (by Vicdel Mojares)

Are we a coincidence?
Many believe we are together
The past life where we both start
Working hard but later went apart

We interpret views freely
Giving each day a meaning
Sharing thoughts independently
Trying and supporting selflessly

We ride on a road that’s not plain
Crossing the rivers with bravery
Cracking jokes most of the time
Until we reach the end having no worry

You see me love
I see you peace
We embrace God’s gift
Orphans we are and both uplift

Giving ourselves more
Is an answer of our sincerity
We never say no and always say go
That’s a simile of beauty

I thank Him for a friend in you
I know we are one
One in faith and life story
A coincidence maybe, but a reason for destiny.
Mind you, it’s a lifetime friendship to be.

I hope you enjoyed it and may it touch your heart as it did mine. 🙏❤️

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

18 thoughts on “Gift of Friendship

  1. Your friend Vicdel is such a darling
    To write such a heartwarming poem for you. You are lucky to be surrounded by such positivity and love.

    Congratulations to you Debs
    I envy your friendships 😆😆😆

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