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Shield of Faith

Rarely do my heart awash in fear.
For I know that You, my Lord,
Never leaves me, never forsakes me.
This is the truth I know completely.


Fear of death does not trouble me.
For I know that You, my Lord,
Tightly holds my future and my soul .
This is the truth that makes me whole.


Anxiety do not overwhelm me.
For I know that you my Lord,
Are my peace, my hope, my deliverer!
This is the faith that shields me to shelter.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

14 thoughts on “Shield of Faith

  1. No need to fear anything, not even death because Jesus has clearly proven that he can resurrect the dead.
    Death was not part of God’s original plan and, as Isaiah 55:11 says, He certainly hasn’t changed plans


  2. Amen, Deborah! That is a beautiful and powerful poem you wrote. We have nothing to fear because Jesus is our everlasting rock.
    I am also now a contributing author at WordPress. On Easter Sunday, Tracy, the editor of the site, gave me the wonderful opportunity to showcase my passion for Jesus through contributing as a writer for the blog. I praise God for presenting me this opportunity to bring forth the good news through my talents and my insights, by His Grace. If you wish, you can follow this link to my website. I post presentations at least twice a week.
    Here is a link to a presentation I did about Covid and the mark of the beast “prophecies”. Feel free to comment on this link.

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