I Am Loved

In your presence

I have no fear

In your presence

I can be real

In your presence

I have no shame

In your presence

All love I gain.

In your love

I feel accepted.

In your love

I am not rejected.

In your love

I am forgiven.

In your love

I am not forsaken.

In your sight

I am loved.

In your sight

I rise above.

In your sight

I have worth

In your sight

I don’t fall short.

Always, I am not perfect.

Always, I am so wrecked.

Always, I am so frail.

Always, I am bound to fail.


You always carry me.

You always understand me.

You always love me.

You always accept me.

You always save me.

You always rejoice over me.

You always quiet me.

You always exult over me.

No greater love than yours.

No greater peace but yours.

No greater strength but yours.

No greater presence but yours.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

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