Breaking Free

In the shadows of the cool night,

A whisper of the dreary dim light.

Silence raced in frantic and fright,

Shrieking loud like a gruesome fight.

Yet I stand alone, aloof, and ever still.

Not a sigh, sound nor a deafening shrill.

Not a pull or force nor a sprout of will.

Not even a tiny prick of pain to feel.

Swirls of dark shadows in my heart,

Dancing images, many and unmarred.

Those memories are gravely scarred,

The past long gone but deeply carved.

There is a longing deep within me,

To cast it off and to finally break free.

All my regrets are told as my sad story,

The life I had; there’s no joy, no glory!

To see the shadows ever retreating

In the dawn with its light calmly rising,

Calling to me like a voice so soothing,

To break free from the void of feeling.

Down on my knees, my heart hummed.

Then I am silenced, stilled, and calmed,

For shrieking shadows no more stomped,

In freedom and joy, I’m finally encamped!

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

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