Stewards of Life

We never own our life; we are just stewards of it.

At the prime of our life when youth is full of vigor and strength and all is still ideal, we rarely grasp how flimsy life is. Today we are here and tomorrow we may be gone. Such is the life of man. We could not control when to live and when to die. We live as we are given breath by our creator and when it is time for God to take us with Him, there is also nothing that we could do. Only then do we finally realize that even our own life is not in our control. The very air we breathe in and which fills us with life is not something that is controllable by us. Our life is a gift from God. We have to live it in gratitude to Him. Our life is a test as well. We live each day with challenges and many struggles to overcome. They are there because we are trained to be strong, to be gracious, to be a giver, to be patient, and to be mature. Life is a temporary assignment. We can never live forever. Life is temporary. And yes, life is short. Spend it wisely and spend it with eternity in mind. The life we live on earth temporarily is not all of the life that we have. As a matter of fact that is only a speck of the life we will be spending in eternity. Live in wisdom that what we do here on earth has eternal consequences.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

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